2022 office design trends and the hybrid model

2022 Office Design Trends

While the trends for 2021 mostly revolved around optimal work-from-home solutions, in-office social distancing, and sanitizing, we’re seeing yet another major shift as 2022 office design trends begin to emerge. As we enter the winter season, and the efficacy of vaccines and boosters is still unknown, we can only stay updated with the most current research and polls in regards to what is to be expected. Companies are wondering if they’ll be able to remain in current buildings or need to downsize. “Hybrid” seems to be the buzzword, with “hub-and-spoke” closely trailing.


What’s Wrong With Remote?


Just this summer more than 40% of the American Labor Force was working full time from home. Betting no one missed morning traffic or changing out of their sleepwear. Not surprisingly, companies were quick to update and master new technologies that could keep teams productive and customers happy. But for all of those successes, the failures of a fully-remote workforce closed the door on the idea of, well… closing the door to the office for good.

From unreliable home internet to lack of privacy, many employees learned that at least knowing there was an office to “escape to” meant they could really get some work done. Virtual meetings got us by in a pinch, but there’s nothing like an in-person brainstorming session to dream up great ideas and problem solve. And for some, the daily isolation week after week caused its own mental health issues. Humans are pack animals, after all.


2022 office design - glass wall partitions


What Does the 2022 Office Look Like?


Having a flexible schedule and a choice in where they work is what employees are most interested in. The country’s largest employers, like Google and Ford, found that up to 70% of their employees want a hybrid work model. But like with children, executives can’t simply give employees everything they want. Creating non-negotiables, like minimum in-office hours per week, will help make the transition and keep productivity and equality in check.

For a company that still employs 1,000 or even 100,000 to convert to a hybrid model where individuals work in office two or three days a week, it simply doesn’t make financial sense to maintain the square footage they had pre-pandemic. Companies can reduce their footprint if carefully planned and still provide a comfortable, inviting workplace. Focusing on both collaboration areas and private areas will give teams more of what they need in a hybrid workplace. Open areas filled with workstations will see repurposing, and likely a reduction in size. Private and enclosed offices are gaining popularity again, especially glass wall partitions which offer privacy yet a view of the office.

Some companies are choosing to leave a single headquarters for a hub-and-spoke model. Their main office is the central location and a fraction of the size of the original, with smaller offices spread around the region. This typically results in shorter commutes for staff along with reduced overhead as real estate is usually less expensive outside of city limits.


Are You Ready for 2022?


Over the past year, we’ve helped numerous companies transition to their new post-Covid environment. Of course, many elements remain constant – like the importance of great ergonomic seating and proper space planning, but we’ve also helped them tackle new challenges to office furniture relocation projects. Due to the mystery that is the current supply chain, one thing we can tell you for certain is no matter what project you’re taking on in 2022 – plan early. From permits to furniture delivery schedules, allow for 40% extended completion times. If you have a furniture or move coming up, give us a call or send a note. We’re here to help.

Learn about our three hundred and sixty degree approach to office furniture projects including furnishing, renovating, designing, relocating and decommissioning an office. BT360 has provided creative, functional and cost-effective workplace environments since 2011. Have an office furniture project or question? We’d love to hear from you.

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