4 reasons to add wall art to your office

4 Reasons to Install Wall Graphics in Your Office

I’ve been in my fair share of offices, fair to say… literally hundreds. One too many of them coated with layers of grey or at best, tan, hues on the walls. What made some offices more memorable and unique than others? Custom wall graphics are certainly at the top of the list. From wall-to-wall logos in corporate colors to fun, energetic graphic designs – they captured my eye.


The Color of Productivity


Research shows that color in the workplace has a direct effect on mood, productivity, and creativity. White and gray, while simple and often thought of as “clean,” lead to burnout – by as much as 25 percent! Warm reds are stimulating and are shown to increase productivity, best used sparingly. Yellow and orange are excellent choices for meeting rooms as they promote decision-making. Add touches of blue to creative team areas as it fosters creativity. Add green hues to private areas as it promotes concentration and relaxation.

You don’t need to turn your office into a rainbow to reap their mood-affecting benefits. Adding touches with fabrics, colored panels, and area rugs are excellent ways to incorporate them. Adding creative wall art is a simple, cost-effective way as well. Typically made from digitally printed vinyl, the possibilities are endless.

4 reasons to add wall art to your office


The Writing is on the Wall


The addition of color is a great first step. Adding affordable vinyl wall graphics boosts employee and client happiness. They’re easy to install as well as remove. Here are 4 reasons to consider installing wall graphics in your workplace:

1. Improve Recruitment and Retention

Now more than ever providing an inviting, energetic environment is vital in attracting new talent. Adding bold, fun wall graphics helps retain current staff and can help build team spirit.

Using wall graphics in office design to increase productivity


2. Promote Company Culture

Not only will they provide a great backdrop for social media, but wall graphics that include your company’s vision or mission will strengthen their ties and sense of family. These messages and designs will provide customers and clients with a sense of who your company is – and who doesn’t love a company that’s bold, fun, and creative?

3. Set the Tone

Remember the science of color we mentioned earlier? Wall graphics can add to that. Choose edgy, creative designs with inspiring messaging in collaborative areas to fuel those creative juices. Find inspirational quotes, or create your own, for common areas employees pass through as they enter to set them on a path for a productive day.

inspiring wall graphics for the office


4. Make an Impression

When a new client walks through the door for the first time – what message do you want to send them? Don’t let dull walls give them a sense that your company is yesterday’s news. Your company logo and branding in floor-to-ceiling design will let them know you’re looking to the future. The same goes for new talent, especially in today’s climate where everyone is hiring.

Don’t neglect all that vertical real estate the walls of your office provide for promoting your brand, increasing creativity, and providing an enthusiastic atmosphere – and all for very little investment. Whether you’re redesigning your entire office, moving into a new location, or simply want to make a few improvements, consider these 4 reasons to install some wall graphics in your space. When you’re ready, our designers are here to work with you – just give us a call or send a message with our contact form.

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