A Cost-Effective Solution to Social Distancing in the Office

A Cost-Effective Solution to Social Distancing in the Office

If your company is like many, over the years your office has moved away from the traditional cubicles and invested in modern benching and collaborative workspaces. Returning to the office in a post-COVID-19 era likely has you searching for a cost-effective solution to social distancing in the office that will provide employees comfort without breaking the bank. While continuing to allow work-from-home opportunities is an effective way of minimizing the spread of the disease, many companies have the need to bring employees through the doors.


Employee Health is Nothing to Sneeze At


Currently the hottest trend in banks and grocery stores, plexiglass sneeze guards are becoming the hottest item when it comes to office space modifications. They are inexpensive and are available in an assortment of sizes and styles. Lightweight, completely clear models allow the users to quickly and easily move them throughout the office. Some models offer a framed design allowing them to be placed on top of desks or securely attached with clamps or screws. The plexiglass and metal (if any) material can easily be cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day providing additional safety measures when it comes to keeping your employees safe.


Social Distancing in the Office


Besides adding sneeze guards to your office safety measures, here are some additional tips on social distancing in the office:

  1. Reduce the number of people in shared spaces. If you have a conference room that typically seats 12, remove six chairs and space the remainder around the table.
  2. Post signage to remind employees and visitors of safe health practices while in your establishment. These may include directionals on the floor or walls to provide one-way traffic patterns as well as notices asking that desks and counters be wiped before moving on to other areas.
  3. Provide sanitizing wipes, sprays and hand sanitizers in as many places as possible. There are many free-standing and wall-mounted options available so that they are in plain sight, helping to remind staff until these processes become part of our regular routines.


Solutions For In-Office Social Distancing


As you navigate the future of your business and the effects that COVID-19 has and will continue to take, know that we are here to serve you.  At BT360, we are doing our best to continue building business, serving clients and keeping this economy moving… for the benefit of all of us. We are happy to provide as much intelligence and office furniture products that can help you in the workplace. Please call or message us to start a discussion.

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