avoiding the great resignation

Avoiding the Great Resignation

This installment of Tim Talks investigates a popular topic we’re hearing amongst our customer base – avoiding resignation. We’ve all seen, if not witnessed first hand, the difficulty in finding people that want to work. Couple that with employees that are considering turning in their resignation and it can keep you awake at night wondering how you’ll make it work in 2022.


Keeping Them Happy


A year ago it was feared that the biggest hurdle would be providing a safe place to work. With the availability of vaccines coupled with creative office design and furniture, most companies have overcome that issue. Many are getting comfortable with a hybrid environment. Allowing employees the freedom to continue working from home as well as providing an office for collaboration and focused work seemed like a sure way to keep everyone content, if not happy, right?

As 2021 rolls to a close, so do the rumors of resignation. Luckily for most, sales were strong through 2021, which means there’s some money left in the budget. Maybe a raise will help you hold on to that talent! While many employees are due a pay increase, especially with the current inflation, the resignation letters are still dropping. “How can that be?” you ask yourself. Turns out, the disruption brought on by the pandemic allowed individuals to well… be individuals, and find the time to reassess their situations.


Avoiding Resignation Due to Burnout


Numerous reports state that burnout is the leading factor when an employee makes the decision to resign. Even when offered a larger salary, the idea of having their evenings and weekends back is more enticing than more money in the bank. Whether the burnout began before Covid or was caused by it, it has certainly taken its toll.

Weekends aren’t weekends when employees are expected to answer calls, texts, and emails. They certainly don’t offer an opportunity to relax or tend to personal matters if they are putting in another six hours to complete a report due Monday morning. Many have stated that if they had the opportunity to take a few day vacation days, they felt so stressed during it – worrying about the work that was surely piling up in their absence – that it was impossible to enjoy the time away.

Popular in European countries, some companies tested a company-wide closure. Even if just for an extended weekend. The results were positive. Knowing that everyone was taking a complete hiatus from work allowed employees to completely unplug… and unwind.


Searching for Purpose


Working with a sense of purpose is the second largest reason employees consider jumping ship. The last two years have provided an opportunity to reflect on their purpose at their current job. People want to feel that the hours they invest day after day are meaningful. They also want to feel appreciated. And that doesn’t mean a simple cake and balloons on their birthday. When companies equate themselves to being a “family,” I think many take that with a grain of salt because they don’t fully understand what it means… or how it’s carried out.

Looking out for the well-being of your employees is a great first step. This is best achieved through communication – finding out what will help them work more comfortably. The answers could be anything from a better task chair to an update on all of their current software. Which leads to providing further education, be it through tools, paid time to learn, or continuing education classes. When employees know you’re willing to invest in them, they’re more likely to feel appreciated. Which leads to just that, appreciation. In this day and age of texts and personal messaging, it’s easy for teams to feel under-appreciated when no one else knows or sees what they’ve accomplished. Be sure to spotlight successes, big and small alike.

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