Buying the right Dividers for Your Workplace

Buying the Right Dividers for Your Workplace

Let me guess… you’re researching for ideas to get your staff back to work — and buying the right dividers for your workplace is an important decision. With the many variations out there, it’s not an easy one. As an office furniture expert that works with all of the major manufacturers, I’ll try to simplify the options. Getting back to work post this pandemic is going to be a balancing act of providing consistent, fact-based communication as well as a safe, flexible environment. As the months have passed, corporations are finding varying results in the work-from-home concept. While it’s still the safest alternative at the moment, it’s just not feasible for everyone. In a new survey of 100 executives by McKinsey & Company, respondents expect most employees (88%) to be working on-site by December. So how do we “get back to work?


Choosing the Right Dividers for Your Workplace


If your environment is mostly private offices… consider yourself lucky. Aside from some added sanitization stations and protocols in shared spaces, like conference rooms, you have little work to do. But if you’ve created an open floor plan in recent years like many, then you and your planning staff have some work to do. In the survey mentioned above, physical separation of employees was listed as the most common method suggested by the CDC. The survey results show 39% of respondents have already installed workstation dividers with another 30% planning to implement them. Start your planning by taking inventory of your desks and workstations. If you’re running split shifts or alternate days as a method of social distancing, then tally how many workstations truly need attention. Snapping pics and documenting the manufacturer and model of each workstation will be helpful to refer to.

BT360 Mobile Whiteboards 1

Mobile Walls


“Walls on wheels” are perfect for dividing spaces and providing privacy, especially in a situation where a partition is not always needed. If you have furniture that does not allow for clamp or permanent divider attachment, these mobile walls may be a good fit. Select from various materials like magnetic boards, whiteboards or glass – keeping in mind you’ll want something that can be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Freestanding Panels


These panels do not require any attachment to your surface. They simply slide into place, resting on both the floor and top of work surface. They come in various heights, widths and materials from numerous manufacturers. They also store easily when not in use.

Hitch Freestanding Panel by loftwall at BT360 Covid Solutions
desk divider table screens post covid at BT360

Table Screens


Perfect for benching and fence workstations these panels come in simple to clamp on styles. Available in various length they can be configured to meet your needs. Find them in whiteboard, magnetic, cork and more finishes.

Modified Panels


Maybe your workstations already have panels, but they’re not quite adequate for employee safety. The majority of them are easily adaptable and can have additional panels added to them to allow a taller barrier between stations. Choose glass styles to allow light in and clean with ease.

AIS Divi workstation after Covid-19
BT360 Loftwall Counter Shield



Commonly found in almost every retail environment, portable plexiglass screens are affordable, mobile and easy to clean. Also known as counter shields, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. While most are portable, there are many that can be affixed to surfaces.

Along with providing separation between employees via dividers like the ones discussed here, be sure to implement as many of the CDC’s recommended back-to-work protocols. While rebuilding the economy is vital, so is the health and safety of your employees. If you need a hand in selecting the right dividers for your workplace, you can find more examples here. For more solutions or to answer any questions you may have, please give us a call or contact us via our form found here.

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