Effects of crippled national supply chain on businesses.

Effects of the National Supply Chain on Businesses

Feeling the Effects of the National Supply Chain on Businesses


This edition of Tim Talk is all about logistics and transportation. You don’t have to be an expert to know that the national supply chain is in chaos. Just take a look at any newspaper, business blog, or news channel and you’ll find a myriad of (disheartening) reports and stats.

I’ve been both researching and talking with our clients and partners about how the current national supply chain is affecting their businesses, deliveries, and product development.

Whether it’s finding drivers, manufacturing employees, or even key personnel to help stay on top of the supply chain strategy, we are all feeling it. In our industry alone, we are seeing the typical 4-6 week manufacturing and delivery schedules extend to 12-14 weeks.

Other clients in both the construction and Mergers and Acquisition industries, expressed challenges ranging from delayed material deliveries to difficulties in finding qualified personnel. Transactions such as closing on homes and businesses are also increasingly delayed.


Overcoming the Effects of the National Supply Chain


How does a company cope with uncontrollable cost increases, employee shortages, and extended lead times? At BT360, recent projects for select high-profile clients in the healthcare and financial sectors are experiencing 12-week manufacturing and delivery windows for furniture deliveries. We understand the urgency that both of these client types require in completing a project so finding solutions to bridge the gap and ease the burden of costs and delays has been a top priority.

We are initiating, strategizing, and managing these extended lead times with our buying power and 30 years of logistics expertise (with partners like Atlas and United Van Lines). Additionally, we are adding value by offering temporary furniture solutions to ensure clients can stay productive and operational, free design and space planning services 6 months before a project to help clients manage business Transition events.

If you have an upcoming office furniture or relocation event in the future, take advantage of our expertise and experience. Give us a call or reach out via our contact form. Tim McCormack is a principal with BT360Solutions. His resume includes a 27-year career with United and Atlas Van Lines as a senior sales executive and logistics expert.

Learn about our three hundred and sixty degree approach to office furniture projects including furnishing, renovating, designing, relocating and decommissioning an office. BT360 has provided creative, functional and cost-effective workplace environments since 2011. Have an office furniture project or question? We’d love to hear from you.

financing available

GSG Capital, LLC offers customized financing plans for new, established, expanding or relocating businesses. GSG’s 100% financing on furniture projects as well as generally any other type of general equipment or software project helps businesses with minimal out of pocket costs. 





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