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Evolution of office space and what’s trending today

In over 30 years of helping businesses move office furniture, design or decommission office spaces and advise them on the best use of their square footage, we’ve seen baby-steps when it comes to change. We research many sources like the Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times, IFMA and others on what’s evolving in the business workplace. One thing is for sure, there is no panacea for success. Read The evolution of office space and what’s trending today for expert opinions on this by Jim Scalo of Burns Scalo Real Estate. 

The best example is what we learn every time we meet a potential office furniture client. Although we have a designer, we choose to ask many questions about how the client conducts their business day to day. For us, the feedback and expectations seem highly generational, particularly if the business is owned by a Boomer or Gen-Xer versus a Millennial. 


Corporate Influence on Office Design


The other variable is what the corporate influencers are directing the field offices to do. Frankly, sometimes the design is being directed as it is, period. Our experience has taught us to ask and listen, understand the uniqueness of their workflow, discuss productivity issues, gain feedback from your employees and team leaders, and above all else, don’t worry about keeping up with the competition. There are many solutions for giving your office a fresh look while still giving it colors and comfort to ensure your employees feel comfortable, motivated and productive for your success. 

In summary, we meet many employees who like the fact that they still have some privacy within their work environment. 

Learn about our three hundred and sixty degree approach to office furniture projects including furnishing, renovating, designing, relocating and decommissioning an office. BT360 has provided creative, functional and cost-effective workplace environments since 2011. Have an office furniture project or question? We’d love to hear from you.

financing available

GSG Capital, LLC offers customized financing plans for new, established, expanding or relocating businesses. GSG’s 100% financing on furniture projects as well as generally any other type of general equipment or software project helps businesses with minimal out of pocket costs. 



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