Huddle Rooms Post-Pandemic

Huddle Rooms Post-Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought about its fair share of changes when it comes to how and where we work. Decades ago, businesses created elaborate conference rooms to entertain clients, guests, and host large team meetings. In recent years, smaller, more agile spaces were added to offices allowing employees to hold small, informal collaborative meetings. In a post-pandemic world, how do you safely gather in a “Huddle Room” yet still be productive?


1 in 4 Americans will be working remotely in 2021


From CNBC, according to Upwork’s “Future of Workforce Pulse Report”

1 in 4 Americans will continue to work from home through 2021


Repurposing the Huddle Room Post-Pandemic


Before you fill your old Huddle Room with extra furniture and cases of hand sanitizer, consider how you’ll address a flexible work environment. While many companies are continuing to work remotely, there are typically some employees making their way through the front doors every day. Other offices have split their staff across days between in-office and work-from-home schedules. If 3 employees in-office need to conference with 3 employees working outside the office along with clients who are located elsewhere – the huddle room provides the perfect space for small teams to hold video conferences and presentations. A huddle room helps bridge the gap in a hybrid working environment.


Modifying the Huddle Room


Video conferencing is here to stay, with or without a pandemic. The world has adapted and witnessed all the positives of meeting remotely… less commuting, no idle time waiting for meetings to begin, keeping your slippers on, etc. Many of us have also learned that the worst thing to deal with during a pandemic is poor video and sound quality. Invest in modern equipment and technology and consider your huddle room’s social distancing guidelines.

Where you once had a cozy table for 8, you may consider reducing the capacity of the room to 4. If your current office furniture allows, you could utilize clear table screens to provide separation. Or, you can look at repurposing furniture from other areas of your office into your huddle room to allow proper division yet togetherness.


Plastic Screens form Loftwall Divide Huddle Room Spaces

Your furniture solution for social distancing may affect the huddle room’s existing audio or video quality. Would a wide-angle camera allow all participants to be on-screen at once? Would larger or additional monitors provide easier viewing? Does equipment simply need to be repositioned based on the room’s new layout?

Create a station that includes sanitizing sprays, wipes, and waste receptacles. Instruct employees on the huddle room’s cleaning and sanitization protocols and post a printed reminder of the steps to be followed with each use.


Tying Huddle Rooms Post-Pandemic With the Home Office


Once your huddle room is updated, consider your remote workers. If employees are expected to join video conference calls while working out of the office, are they equipped to do so? Are up-to-date technology solutions for virtual meetings installed on everyone’s home computers or laptops? Has it been thoroughly tested? Be sure to offer training so employees can easily log on and connect without added frustration and embarrassment.


BT360 Offers Huddle Room and Other Solutions


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