Create a space that inspires your teams and improves how everyone works through technology and current trends. 


Create a space that inspires your teams and improves how everyone works through technology and current trends. 

BT360 designers know all the right questions to help determine just how your new office should look, and more importantly, function. The design of your office is an important extension of your brand. We’re excited to help bring it to life in three dimensions.

BT360 Office Design Look and Feel


With so many decisions involved in any office design (or redesign) project, we find it best to start by reaching a decision on the overall look and feel of the new space. Interior spaces can be earthy, shiny, fun or serious. Is your company brand more traditional, classic or trendy?

Our designers will lead you and your team on brainstorming sessions to help identify existing issues and help determine creative solutions. As many of these questions are answered, we will gather and present visuals of finished spaces to help narrow the field and hone in on a proper direction. Already have a collection of images and ideas – great! Please have them ready to share with us.


Next step – providing your teams with spaces and tools where they can brainstorm, collaborate and grow ideas. Our designers will suggest and present the best options for work tables, whiteboards, monitors and more so your employees can not only work smart, but comfortably as well.

Along with collaborative areas, we’ll investigate solutions for small and private spaces as they are just as important. We love free-standing privacy booths and pods to allow employees ample space to focus, concentrate or simply take a private call.

Creating an office with a blend of private, collaborative and open spaces will positively impact corporate culture, wellness, productivity and employee retention.

BT360 Office Design Collaboration


Choosing wall colors, carpet patterns, hardwoods and more can seem daunting with so many options available. Your BT360 designer will provide suggestions that will suit your needs both aesthetically and functionally to create a space that employees and clients love to spend time in. 

Your designer will present lighting, sound masking, storage and other options that your space requires or would benefit from.


As you get closer and have narrowed down choices for some of the many different aspects of your new office design, our designers will help facilitate showroom tours where possible. Many items can also be brought in for TEST DRIVES so your staff can try out chairs, height-adjustable furniture and more.

Based on your project budget, your designer will recommend furniture lines and options that may include reconditioned or custom solutions to make the most of your furniture spend.

Employee comfort is always our first priority. Desks and seating options are not one size fits all. We’ll help you make the best decisions.

BT360 Office Design Furniture

Our favorite and best-selling furniture and accessory lines can be found here. Our designers can also let you know of additional options that may be of interest and found within the extensive Furniture Resource Library. We’re so excited to help you and your company discover the possibilities, the technologies and the creativity that’s available through design and office furniture. Contact us today to get started!



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