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Office Relocation Success for Piedmont Healthcare

Providing Office Relocation Success to One of Georgia’s Best


Piedmont Healthcare, one of Georgia’s largest hospital systems, called on us to assist them with the relocating to and furnishing of some renovated spaces. Piedmont needed to relocate their Legal, Compliance, Human Resources, and Construction units all at the same time. We knew it would be a large undertaking – and we were ready. With their many moving parts, projects like this find their success in the early planning and organization stages. We created a comprehensive outline for furniture design, space planning, and packing/moving.

Office Relocation New Open Office Work Space Design


Planning Every Detail


Relocating a large hospital’s office is a very specific, time-sensitive undertaking that requires a diligent and organized approach. With upwards of 700 file crates filled with compliance records, a system had to be implemented to ensure they were efficiently restored in their proper cabinet within the new office location. More than 50 desktop computers needed to be disconnected, relocated, and then reconnected – all without interrupting an employee’s typical workflow. All combined, we estimate more than 300 hours of planning and nearly 500 managed tasks were involved.


Relocating a Hospital’s Office is… a Little Different


Moving contents and furnishings for 60 employees is a fairly easy prospect. It’s anything but simple when you factor in building access timelines, COVID protocols, and ever-changing pandemic-impacted new furniture drop dates. Additionally, we had to account for technology disconnects and reconnects as well as some heavy-load issues we ran into with Piedmont’s filing systems. And the most interesting aspect of this project – carrying out all of these tasks while ensuring the safety and well-being of Piedmont Healthcare’s patients and employees.


Office Relocation Packing



When all is said and done, the BT360 team thoroughly enjoyed this challenging project. In summary, 360 collective hours of planning and management by the BT360 administrative team combined with our movers and installers from CWI. We love serving those who serve others in our communities. Serving healthcare clients such as Piedmont Healthcare comes with both responsibility and time-sensitive demands. A gracious thank you to our contacts for the opportunity.


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