SMBs Plan For Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19

SMBs Plan for Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19

If you find yourself asking, “How do I plan for employee wellbeing during COVID-19?” – you’re not alone. I feel it’s safe to say that many of our businesses are taking a hit… and not just financially. What about the ability to retain staff? Or the strain that working from home has on productivity. These areas and more have been greatly affected by COVID-19 – and none of us really know what the future holds. So, what can we do?


Understanding COVID-19’s Effects on SMBs


This informative report from TriNet, a leading provider of comprehensive human resources solutions, provides an in-depth sampling of how businesses are responding to the very real effects of the pandemic. While we hope to make it through ourselves, we prefer not to blather on about our office furniture solutions. Sharing knowledge, ideas and solutions that we’ve gained both first-hand as well as through research in how SMBs can plan for employee wellbeing during COVID-19 will make up much of our future conversations. We’ll highlight some of the report’s findings below, but we hope you’ll view the full report and know that we’re available to discuss ideas and strategies in moving forward.


Enhancing Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19


The pandemic has put us all in unchartered waters. Without the ability to plan for when and how business can return to normal (or what that will look like) many are keeping the wellbeing of employees top-of-mind. Enhancing staff morale and providing increased flexibility to balance work and family demands have proven to be very effective efforts. Adjusting healthcare benefits and providing guidance for those employees that may be losing coverage also ranked high in important considerations.


Plan for employee wellbeing during COVID-19
Plan for employee wellbeing during COVID-19, chart courtesy of TriNet.


Keeping a Positive Outlook


TriNet’s findings on how to plan for employee wellbeing during COVID-19 shows that 57% of SMB leaders feel their workforce is optimistic. Adapting and staying positive is of utmost importance in the months ahead. Should you have questions about work-from-home strategies, office space modifications or other business-related issues, give us a call.

We are managing our days faithfully and with a purpose to keep our business objectives, clients and partners a top priority. We are meeting many business professionals who simply need someone to talk to… which is great because we love to talk. Others who need work know that we are well connected.

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Let us help you continue to navigate these waters. Please don’t hesitate to call – we may just have a great piece of advice or connection that provides a critical solution for you!

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