Tips For A Thriving Business In 2021

Tips For a Thriving Business in 2021

Running a business, whether you own it or manage it, is a difficult task… let alone during a pandemic. But, this is where you can make changes to ensure you, and your employees, come out healthy on the other side. We come across various types of business, corporate structures, as well as run our own so we put together a short list of tips to help you navigate thru the rest of 2021.


#1: Nurture Customers That Nurture Your Brand


Word of mouth has always proven to be one of the most lucrative forms of promotion. In the middle of a pandemic when people and companies are idle, be it working from home or on restricted in-person meetings, having recent customers leave reviews or mention you on their social media helps spread a positive message as well as brand awareness. Be sure to comment back and thank them so they know how much you appreciated working with them.


#2: “Pivot. Pivot. Pivottt…” (Ross, from Friends)


The ability to adapt is quite possibly the most important quality you can have. Nature proves it — think about the elusive octopus who can camouflage itself and change its overall shape when it needs to escape a predator. Now, you may not have to go to those extremes to weather this pandemic, but making changes to the status quo could be just as life-saving.  Providing work-from-home capabilities (and the tools to do so effectively) is one way most companies have adapted. Looking into tools and technology your company can use to become more efficient can help close the gap if you’ve had to downsize your staff. Adding services that compliment your core offerings will help increase your average project sales. This list goes on, depending on what industry you’re in.


#3: Revisit Target Markets


With so many changes in business throughout 2020, you’re likely seeing some markets you traditionally focused on losing their traction… while unfortunate, now’s the time for you to dig in and look for possibilities. Analyze and breakdown your client list then research markets with similarities or just those you’ve not previously tapped into. It may take some trial and effort to reach them and work through the funnel, but now’s the time to change and extend your reach!


#4: Financial Play


Don’t just stare at those financial reports… look for creative, and smart, ways to create sales as well as keep more money in the corporate bank account. Start with your accountant. They are full of knowledge regarding upcoming legislation and can help you determine which decisions are best. Meet with your bookkeeper and look to see exactly where the company’s finances stand and if they have any recommendations to improve or opportunities to take advantage of.


#5: Offer More


We get it, funds are tight for most everyone… and everyone’s looking for the best value. But don’t jump to reduce your rates just to make the sale. Instead, think of added extras. What can you do to improve customer service? Are there resources or post-sale support you can offer customers?


Your Business Can Thrive in 2021


We’re here to support you. Whether you need to right-size your office or sell-off unneeded furniture. Maybe you want to provide remote workers with home office furniture solutions. Or simply pick our brains for ideas on making changes that will help you succeed. Give us a call or send a message – we’re happy to help.


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