What will the office look like in 2021

What Will Offices Look Like in 2021: Creative Spaces

With COVID-19 following us into the fourth quarter, business owners are wondering what offices will look like in 2021. In this post, we’ll talk specifically about Creative Office Spaces. Landlords in large markets like Atlanta are using innovative ways to accommodate the needs of their tenants.


What Will Offices Look Like in 2021 in Regards to Covid-19


What Will Happen to All of Those Open Floor Plans?


Creative Office spaces are those that typically offer open floor plans, industrial-type finishes, and adaptive re-use structures. With a high demand for social distancing within the workplace, it would seem logical that these open floor plans would quickly become a thing of the past. But surveys are showing that after this bout of stay-in-place and work-from-home, employees are craving collaboration. Designers and landlords are modifying large open spaces by simply spreading workstations out, removing, or dividing shared desks. They are still providing spaces where teams can huddle and work together. Furnishings will be of materials that are non-porous and can stand up to regular cleanings. Protocols will be in place so proper cleaning of these shared spaces simply becomes routine before and after group meetings.


What Features Will Be Popular in Creative Office Spaces


In recent years, some of the most requested features of a new Creative Office has been outdoor space. Architects and designers have been creating outdoor environments where employees can work on their own as well as large areas where teams can meet for creative breakouts. In the wake of the coronavirus, these open-air spaces will provide not only ample amounts of natural light but fresh air and the ability to social distance while still being on-site.


New Technologies Tie into Office Design


Offices are also being outfitted with newer-technology air handlers. Air purification filters, ionization systems, and multiple units will help in providing an air system that is safe for employees and clients. Contact-free isn’t just for pizza delivery… everything from restroom to elevator doors will have you feeling like you’re walking through the Starship Enterprise where a wave of your send grants you access. Pretty cool!


Hybrid Office Environments


Many companies have embraced the work-from-home model but see the benefit of maintaining a physical headquarters. Some tasks just cannot be done remotely or at the least, benefit from a team environment. Allowing employees to have a flexible schedule is the best of both worlds, for everyone. To make this hybrid approach easier to manage, especially for employees with young children or aging parents to care for at home – a hub and spoke model is becoming popular. Essentially, satellite offices located around the central headquarters are popping up, giving employees more variety in remote locations and shorter commutes.

It’s almost hard to imagine now what the workplace will be like a year from now. But it is promising to know that these great innovations and creative ideas are helping to get us back to something that looks like normal – maybe even better!

We’ve helped dozens of companies modify their space in the wake of COVID-19. If your company is considering an office move or space design renovation, drop us a line or give us a call.

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