What's trending in office design 2021

What’s Trending in Office Design

Clients often ask us “What’s trending in office design,” at the onset of their project. Truth is, we love sharing the many options in furniture, floor and wall solutions, sound management, and more. This week’s Tim Talk explores what’s hot in today’s office spaces. While the pandemic lingers on, there’s a lot of movement happening in business across the country. Attract new talent and retain valuable employees by providing a welcoming, motivational, and functional workspace that includes:


1. Blending Aspects of Home



After a full year of working from home, no matter how much you love your job, it’s hard to head back to the office. But what if the office felt more like home? Think comfy sofas, areas rugs, fun decorative items (see above image), and soft lighting. Wood-toned flooring in light oaks and weathered greys can add warmth. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a wonderful alternative to carpet when considering not only its durability but how easy it is to clean and sanitize.


2. Mixing Old and New



Just as we’re seeing in home interiors, there’s a trend in pairing elements of old styles with new. You can achieve the look through the use of classic geometric patterns like chevron or herringbone on walls or area rugs. Old metals like brass are making a strong comeback – and with a new twist – like the brushed finish we see so much of. Industrial-type finishes are popular as well – a great way to mix in found objects.


3. Wall Coverings


wall coverings office design trend 2021


Want a quick and simple way to add interest to your office space? One of the easiest office trends to implement are wall coverings. From boldly painted patterns to colorful acoustic tiles there are hundreds of possibilities including custom vinyl messages and designs like the one our client recently had us design. Tie in another current trend and add a living wall. Industry and trend leaders like Salesforce, Slack, and Facebook are benefitting from their green environments. Biophilic design in the office is proven to enhance creativity while reducing stress levels.

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