BT360 and our installers working through the pandemic.

Working Safely Through the Pandemic

The importance of working safely through the pandemic has been the topic of many staff meetings around the globe over the past few months. One of our services, professional installation, requires us to be on-site at a client’s location and often we are literally right in the middle of their workspace. How do we progress through a project while keeping not only our staff’s wellbeing at the forefront of concern but our client’s staff as well?


Keeping Up with Best Practices


In addition to meeting with clients via Zoom calls, drafting space plans, and solving their social distancing requirements as they head back to the office… we’re researching. Whether it comes directly from the CDC, business journals, or even LinkedIn posts, we take the time to review and consider what others are recommending to keep our staff, clients, and vendors as safe as possible. When we have to be on-site at a client location, whenever possible, we try to work in a space that is not occupied… but that doesn’t mean we’re not crossing through other shared spaces (as well as restrooms) on the way there. With winter and the holiday season upon us, it is of utmost concern to do all we can to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.


What to Do if an Employee Shows Symptoms


Do you have a plan in place if you witness an employee showing symptoms? The CDC suggests separating that employee from other staff members, customers, and visitors until they can get home, or to a doctor. Clean all high-touch and shared areas, you may even consider having a professional come in to disinfect. The CDC suggests waiting 24 hours to do so in case the employee does test positive for COVID-19. Waiting a day before re-entering their workspace will help reduce the potential of exposure. Advise your staff if there is a positive case, but maintain confidentiality. Most importantly, check in on your employee as this can be a very stressful time, and assure the rest of your teams that you are following protocols to keep them safe. For further guidance, see the CDC’s suggestions here.


What to Do if an Employee Has No Symptoms But May Have Been Exposed


It is vital for everyone in the workplace to have good communication and feel secure in speaking up, especially in regards to something that can potentially affect so many. If an employee reveals that they were in close contact to someone who has tested positive but has no symptoms themselves, allow them to self-isolate and work from home or a similar location. The suggested period of isolation varies across states, most are 14 days, so please check your local guidelines. Provide those working from home with as many tools and as much flexibility as possible and keep communication lines open. We’re all in this together and taking precautions is vital to work through this pandemic successfully.


Don’t Let COVID-Stress Get To You


While we may be isolating and staying in place, it’s important to remember… millions of others around the world are doing the same. If we continue to use suggested best practices and work diligently to follow guidelines we can surely continue to move forward in our businesses and personal lives. If you would like more information on how we’re handling daily installations, broom sweeps, and on-site evaluations, please give us a call or contact us via our form here.

We wish you the best during this holiday season!


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