Our passion and experience in furniture project management provides our clients with time and money saving solutions.


Our passion for and experience in furniture project management provides our clients with time and money saving solutions.


Founded in 2011 by husband and wife team, Tim and Cassie McCormack, BT360 serves clients through a three hundred and sixty degree approach to solving their office or organization furniture needs. By creating a relationship with clients we are able to see a larger picture and in turn, can offer numerous solutions that save time and money. We strive to educate clients on all of the possibilities and how each will effect not only their bottom line, but also the productivity and comfort of their staff and clientele.


Our 30+ years of experience will help you make critical choices with confidence and ensure nothing is overlooked, helping save you time and money.

Relocating is expensive. We can show you solutions based on your unique needs to help you stay in your current location.

Office space is expensive per square foot – we can help you get the most of your space through space planning and new or repurposing furniture options.

The BT360 team consists of dedicated members who will source solutions that fit your needs from the hundreds of possibilities available.

Every project includes a free discovery meeting where we listen to your needs and ask specific questions to help provide the perfect, unique solution for you.

Like pairing modern fashion with vintage. Greatly reduce your furniture spend when you blend old and new furniture options. 

When you come to us with a furniture project, our first job is to listen – to your needs, concerns and questions. Then our team will develop a plan and present it so you know exactly what to expect. Finally our professional installation team will deliver and install and perform a “broom sweep” and decommission where necessary.

From manufacturers we partner with to our furniture movers and everyone involved in between, we only partner with the best. Everyone we work with is trained and vetted, with safety, quality and your satisfaction in mind. 

Repurposing provides numerous benefits both to the environment and our clients. Clients purchasing from our repurposed inventory can receive 60-70% off retail pricing in some cases.

Sometimes clients can’t afford the typical weeks or months it can take for new furniture to be delivered and installed, be it a last minute decision or an accidental oversight. We’ve put together a collection of brands that are readily available to you in a matter of days.

We work directly with the exiting building leasing and property management team to decommission your previous space and get it back to lease termination standards to avoid costly penalties.

When you purchase furniture from BT360, trading in your old furniture for purchase credit can provide significant savings on your overall budget.


To serve any client that is challenged with the task of planning an office furniture project in a

responsive, honest, empathetic and creative

manner ensuring we always exceed their expectations. 


Why Choose BT360 for Office Furniture

Designed for everyone from the discriminant buyer to first-time purchaser. BT360 provides solutions for relocating or renovating an office, managing a new office lease, or simply adding new colors to dress up an office you have to remain in for another year or two. If you’ve been delegated a furniture or office move project, you can relax when you make BT360 part of your team. 

Whether you’re the CFO, HR Director, Office Manager or a small business owner, we’re here to serve you. Having managed larger 10-building (500,000 sf) decommissions as well as outfitting the smaller 5-person office and everything in between, our vast experiences offer you money, time and stress-saving solutions. We partner with best-in-class manufacturers, movers and installers ensuring you receive consistent service and results.

Great people to work and do business with. Tim is a very resourceful guy!

Clay Beckham




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