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Tips on Planning an Office Move

While we’ve identified about 267 individual tasks associated with a transition event in our downloadable checklist, the list below provides essential tips on planning a business move. We believe in explaining the logistics of all aspects involved in moving a business when a client is considering new office space, design, and furniture. Below are the essential tasks relative to necessary move events.


Planning an Office Move


  1. How much new space will you need? Whether your business is expanding or right-sizing, the first step is figuring out how many people will occupy the space as well as how much space they need to perform their jobs efficiently.
  2. Based on your industry and the tasks your employees do, will you need stations, desks, conference rooms, or other specialty areas?
  3. Do you have existing furniture that will move with you? Most furniture can be modified or added to in order to best suit your current needs as well as to adapt to current social distancing standards. Many varieties of furniture can also be refurbished to add new life with finishes and fabrics.
  4. How long do you have before your current lease or agreement expires? Knowing what your deadline is can help create your schedule and determine possible options as you create a plan.
  5. If you are unable to completely vacate before your lease or contract is up, is there a penalty for not exiting by a certain date? If so, is it worth paying in order to make a move?
  6. Does your current lease / agreement require you to return the space as you found it? Does that include wall repairs, cable removal, carpet/floor steaming? Will the leasing company inspect and provide a list of items to be addressed?
  7. If you’re in a shared building, check with other tenants to confirm areas like loading docks and elevators will be available on your preferred move date.
  8. Offices, like homes, have a tendency to hide how much is truly contained within. Have you taken a thorough inventory of assets, including anything in storage?
  9. Taking time to space plan your new office will make moving in a breeze and ensure you have everything in place when employees arrive in their new environment.
  10. Download our Move Management Checklist for a more thorough list of items to consider for your office move.

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Decommissioning the Space


  1. Contact a local office furniture professional to help you value your furniture assets. Knowing what your furniture is currently worth can help you determine what to do with it if you’re not taking it to your new office.
  2. Reduce removal costs by selling it to a furniture company for current value, reselling to another company or repurposing it.
  3. An office that has been occupied for 3, 5, 7 years or more can be very time consuming to clean and repair. Professionals are typically called in to do a thorough job so you’ll want to locate a qualified vendor and lock in a date that works with your move-out plan.
  4. Consider your technology inventory – are there out-dated pieces of equipment that can be sold or repurposed? Do any pieces still have value? Have you created a data destruction plan and contacted a vendor to carry out such needs?
  5. Furniture consignment is a great way to repurpose office furniture you no longer need. Partner with a company that will sell your items right off the floor and avoids having to move them at all.
  6. When searching for a mover, be sure to verify they are both insured and qualified to broker, sell or repurpose the furniture.
  7. Don’t rule out the option of reconditioning your existing furniture – it could save you hundreds, even thousands, compared to purchasing new furniture.
  8. Contract with a company that understands how to interpret your lease, ensuring you honor all exit tasks when handing back your keys.
  9. Allow three full days for a thorough decommission and broom sweep before you are required to vacate and return keys. Allowing ample time will help avoid penalties.
  10. See our section on Move Management including decommissioning for more information.

If you have an office relocation in your future, we’d love to speak with you during a free consultation. We’ve helped hundreds of companies make successful moves and are ready to help you! Call or message us today!

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