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Work From Home Ideas

As recently as 2017, nearly 3% of the American workforce was able to work from home. Today, nearly 75 million U.S. workers have a job that offers some form of remote work.

Over the last several months, working from home has become normal for many of us—but even though we’ve grown accustomed to it, no one said it would be a piece of cake.

As an office furniture dealership, it’s always been our business to ensure employees are comfortable and productive—no matter where they are. That hasn’t changed, but we’re offering even more options now to support businesses and employees as they navigate the current situation and, in many cases, the future of work.


Creative Home Office Solutions


If you’re among the workers who will be working from home for the foreseeable future, there’s no better time to start investing in your workspace at home. It’s THAT important.

Business Transition 360 can help you optimize that space with our comprehensive product offering. There’s proof in the data: 77% of remote workers (per CoSo Cloud’s study) say they’re more productive working at home, but the groundwork is laid with a good working environment.


Work From Home: Three Pro Tips


The idea of remote working is great, right? But the reality is a bit different.

At home, you might be faced with more distractions than in the office: kids, pets, even the temptation of turning on the TV for a quick break. Here’s how we recommend structuring your space—and your day—to get the most out of your home workstation.


#1: Set your schedule.

importance of setting a daily schedule

When working from home, it’s really easy to lose track of your day. Set time aside to outline your tasks for the day, approximately how much time should be spent on each, and then account for chores, errands, and other to-dos. Structure is important, and adhering to a schedule will keep you organized and productive in your new setting.


#2: Dedicate your space.

Dedicate space when working from home

A common mistake is not having an office-style setup to work from home. While you’re not in the office, studies have shown that a similar workspace—even a remote one—can improve focus and productivity. It’s also a good way to limit distractions and stay on task. We have some suggestions for finding the right office chair, too, which makes a big difference.


#3: Master your tech.

separate personal and business tech

The challenge is to separate personal tech use and work use during “working” hours; we recommend keeping your work-essential devices in the home office space and anything that’s exclusively personal in a different room. (Consider checking them a post-work treat.) And if possible, don’t build your home office space where someone else is playing video games or watching TV.


Planning for Work-From-Home Productivity


Even if you’ve been WFH for a while, it’s okay to feel like you don’t quite have it down. Life moves fast, and work can move faster.

Following these tips, and finding proper furniture to support your work style, will put you on a path to success (and productivity) each day.

Business Transition 360’s home office offering includes ergonomic solutions like height-adjustable bases on a variety of table options, mid-back chairs, and pedestal seats. These products are comfortable, customizable, and come at an exceptional value.

In fast-changing times, we’re committed to providing quality products to you, our furniture partners, and your employees. The right combination of furniture and space along with self-discipline will be a huge benefit as you transition to a new era of work.

Learn about our three hundred and sixty degree approach to office furniture projects including furnishing, renovating, designing, relocating and decommissioning an office. BT360 has provided creative, functional and cost-effective workplace environments since 2011. Have an office furniture project or question? We’d love to hear from you.

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